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Concord Marine Electronics provides design engineering and installation implementation of systems from all the major marine electronics manufacturers. We have been designing and implementing integrated systems for yacht communication, entertainment, security and navigation. Projects completed on time and on budget since 1988.

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About Concord Marine Electronics Your family, guests, and crew safety is a large priority for Concord Marine Electronics. A properly designed system, installed to the highest standards is our goal. Concord's trained designers and certified technicians make sure our systems meet the specifications that will insure everyone’s safety. Installation standards and technician certifications for wire size and over current protection safeguard your vessel from possible fire hazards. Proper system installation and programing ensure that your navigation and communication systems are running properly when you are enjoying your time in remote locations. Concord will not cut corners, so that we can cut prices, to meet an unrealistic budget. Concord is hired over and over again to resolve issues related to installation errors by unqualified, uncertified installation techs. Don’t let your Yachting experience, or family safety, be jeopardized by poor installations, from cut rate installers. Your time on the water is limited, don’t let a bad installation take the enjoyment out of your next Yachting adventure.

Concord gets a lot of potential clients that try to make their electronics systems purchase, the way they make a commodities purchase, like a used car. Sure, everyone wants a great deal, but if the great deal is what your primarily concerned with, you are sure to be disappointed in the long run. There are a large number of uninsured marine electronics installers that work from home, and out of their personal vehicles. Or perhaps they are employees, or subcontractors, of the “Dealership”. There is definitely an installation cost savings for the installer, but only a small amount of that savings gets passed along to the client. Weather you use Concord Marine Electronics, or not, you deserve to have a solid, dependable, first class, safe systems installation. Please ask the following questions before you hire anyone that could cause potential harm to your vessel, crew, or guests:

  • Is this person, or company, and their employees, properly insured if they are injured on your yacht during the installation?
  • Is this person, or company, properly insured with Products and Completed Operations coverage that will repair any damage they might do to your yacht during the installation?
  • Is this person, or company, covered with enough legal liability insurance in case of a mishap?
  • Is this person, or company, vehicle properly insured to be inside the marina where the installation will be performed?
  • Is this person, or company, properly trained to install, program, and seatrail your new system?
  • Is this person, company, or its employees, fully vetted with a solid background check?
  • Is this person, or company, trained and certified by the equipment manufacturer so that you have full warranty coverage on the equipment being installed?
  • Will this person, or company, be able to properly support your project with after the sale service? Or will they be too busy, on the next project, to come resolve your issues?
  • Is this person, or company, trained and certified by the National Marine Electronics Association?
  • Did this person, or company, give you an all inclusive installation price? Many times, the price quote you get will be an “estimate”, rather than an all inclusive price. Their “estimate” will be significantly lower than the all inclusive price you receive from Concord. You wont find out, until its too late, that their finished system price will be the same, or more, than the Concord price. OR, you will get many “change orders” with lots of price increases, with the same result.
  • Does this person, or company, have a public presence? Are there positive reviews on public social media platforms?
  • Would you take your expensive sports car to get discount tires, installed by an uninsured, no name mechanic shop, working out of their home garage? Why would you try to get that kind of savings on your Yacht? Your safety is at risk.
When it comes to choosing a reputable company to Design and Install your vessel’s critical electronics, know that Concord Marine Electronics has completed over 126 new builds with builders around the globe, and thousands of local projects! Join our fleet of happy captains and owners, who enjoy our high quality finished projects, and enjoy our first class after the sale service. Find out what the Concord Marine Electronics team can do for you. Call us today! 954-779-1100


Concord Marine Electronics has a dedicated service department that coordinates all of your vessel’s servicing needs in a timely manner, and provides the necessary support to make sure your system is working at 100%. Concord stand behind our installations and systems. When it comes to service, Concord's fully stocked service vehicles are on the go daily and are ready to take care of your project. Concord technicians may be dispatched anywhere in the world to service your vessel.

Concord provides a one-year warranty on all workmanship supplied by Concord Marine Electronics. The warranty period starts from date of commissioning.