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MDS Blender

The MDS Blender combines LEO Sat (Low Earth Orbit Satellte) Maritime, 5G, Vsat and dockside internet service together for nonstop access.

MDS Blender Network Management: Revolutionizing Marine Internet Connectivity

The MDS Blender, a cornerstone product of Concord Marine Electronics, expertly integrates various internet sources like LEO Sat Maritime, 5G, Vsat, and dockside internet, providing continuous, nonstop access. This integration is part of our commitment to delivering [Advanced Marine Networking Concord] solutions.

Thanks to MDS Blender, yacht owner can now spend more time on her boat, outside of the USA.

LEO Sat and The MDS Blender

MDS Blender Network Management: Revolutionizing Marine Internet Connectivity

The MDS Blender, a cornerstone product of Concord Marine Electronics, expertly integrates various internet sources like LEO Sat Maritime, 5G, Vsat, and dockside internet, providing continuous, nonstop access. This integration is part of our commitment to delivering [Advanced Marine Networking Concord] solutions.

Starlin Challenges:
Tired of dealing with these frequent LEO Sat issues?
  • Inconsistent connections for Remote Desktops
  • Abrupt interruptions in gaming sessions
  • Sluggish internet speeds in busy areas
  • Frequent internet disconnections
  • Dropped calls on VoIP and WhatsApp
  • Unexpected logouts from secure websites

MDS BLENDER Solutions:

Marine Data Solutions presents the MDS Blender to tackle these aggravating LEO Sat service problems.
  • Effortless and uninterrupted failover to keep remote desktops, video calls, and gaming sessions smooth
  • Integration of up to 4 different internet connections
  • Aggregation of up to 4 channels to enhance internet speeds, reaching a peak of 1Gbps upload and download
  • Harmonization of internet sources to prevent service interruptions, ensuring a steady online experience.

Furture of Onboard Connectivity has Arrvied


  • Consistent and reliable performance for Remote Desktop, gaming, and video conferencing
  • Enhanced and smoother internet usability
  • Boost in internet speeds and efficiency
  • Provision of USA or UK IP addresses for vessels operating outside these regions
  • Fortified internet security.
Starlink Vsat Dockside Internet Service
Internet Service

MDS Blender Bonding Excellence:

  • Our MDS Blender exemplifies High-Performance Marine Networking by bonding up to four internet sources at about 85-90% efficiency. This technique splits the internet signal across available sources, reassembling it at our shore-based servers, thereby accelerating both uploads and downloads. This process is integral to our Marine Network Management Solutions.
Addressing Common LEO Sat Problems with Advanced Maritime Internet Solutions:
In high-traffic areas, LEO Sat's download speeds can suffer significantly, a challenge even for the swiftest maritime internet setups. Service gaps in LEO Sat, typical in marine satellite internet, often lead to complete loss of service due to satellite unavailability. These gaps interrupt various activities like remote desktops, gaming, VoIP and WhatsApp calls, along with streaming services.

During these gaps in LEO Sat service:

  • Remote Desktops face connectivity issues
  • Gaming sessions end abruptly
  • VoIP and WhatsApp calls are cut off
  • Users are logged out of secure websites
  • Streaming services are interrupted
MDS Blender Solutions for Enhanced Maritime Connectivity:
To mitigate these frequent LEO Sat challenges and uplift your maritime internet experience, MDS Blender offers:

Unmatched seamless failover for continuous, high-quality maritime internet.

  • Fusion of up to four diverse internet sources, including advanced 5G and satellite internet, to bolster overall speeds.
  • MDS Blender's Bonding feature, crucial for premium maritime internet, allows for ultra-fast speeds up to 1Gbps for both uploads and downloads.
  • This bonding technology optimizes both upload and download speeds while ensuring uninterrupted internet service.

MDS Blender Effects for Revolutionary Maritime Internet:

  • Augmented reliability and performance, ideal for luxury yacht internet requirements.
  • Rapid bonding and instant failover for the most dependable maritime internet.
  • Tailored IP configurations for uninterrupted access to streaming services, essential for yachts on the move.
  • Upgraded internet security and a superior overall online experience, including user and device usage control by GB and time.

MDS BLENDER Network Management Features:

  • Complete remote access to the entire vessel's network, perfect for high-end satellite internet.
  • Individual device management onboard, including options like device-specific iCloud settings.
  • Support for multiple VLANs and sophisticated network management capabilities.

Blender FAQ:

  • What is the MDS Blender's purpose?
    The Marine Data Solutions MDS Blender stands as a premier solution for Yacht 5G internet and Maritime LEO Sat high-speed internet. It's a network management tool designed for setting user limits and combining up to 4 internet sources into a unified, more robust connection. The MDS Blender excels in demanding internet uses on yachts, like Anydesk, Team Viewer, video conferencing, and secure website access, making it ideal for high-speed yacht internet and LEO Sat maritime internet solutions.

  • What is the MDS Blender's top internet speed?
    Step into the world of advanced 5G yachting internet and LEO Sat maritime internet services with the MDS Blender, offering a maximum bonded speed exceeding 1Gbps both up and down.

  • How much does the MDS Blender cost monthly?
    The MDS Blender offers limitless internet for yacht crews with unlimited GB Bonding, unlimited users, and network management at a fixed monthly price of $300USD.

  • What input voltage does the MDS Blender use?
    The MDS Blender, suitable for both maritime wireless 5G networks and high-speed internet, features a versatile power supply, compatible with 100-240V 50/60 Hz and adaptable to 12vdc.

  • What is Speed Bonding?
    Bonding, a critical function of the MDS Blender, divides and combines online traffic among multiple internet sources, enhancing overall system speed – vital for 5G yacht networks and LEO Sat maritime connectivity.

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  • How many internet inputs does the MDS Blender support?
    The MDS Blender can handle up to 4 different internet sources, making it perfect for combining LEO Sat satellite internet for yachts with other internet services.

  • How many outputs does the MDS Blender offer?
    It provides 2 distinct internet outputs, ideal for handling various network needs on a yacht.

  • Where is the MDS Bonded internet landfall?
    With options for USA, UK, or local IPs, the MDS Blender is tailored for charter yachts that require flexible IP settings for guest streaming services.

  • How can I link multiple LEO Sat Maritime antennas?
    The MDS Blender seamlessly connects and bonds up to 4 different internet sources, including LEO Sat for luxury yachts and other systems, enhancing network speed and reliability.

  • Can I connect multiple LEO Sat antennas with a 5G antenna on the same network?
    Absolutely, the MDS Blender can bond up to 4 internet inputs, including multiple LEO Sat systems and 5G, for enhanced speeds and reliability in both 5G and LEO Sat maritime sectors.

  • Why combine LEO Sat with 5G?
    Bonding LEO Sat with 5G through the MDS Blender ensures continuous internet connectivity, crucial for maritime crew relying on 5G, even when LEO Sat satellites are out of sight.

  • Is the MDS Blender easy to install?
    The MDS Blender comes preprogrammed for straightforward installation, perfect for modern yacht crew connectivity needs.

  • Can I merge my Viasat system with LEO Sat?
    The MDS Blender enables the integration of Viasat with other legacy Vsat systems, LEO Sat, and 5G, although it's important to consider latency factors.

  • How can I set internet usage limits for yacht network users?
    The MDS Blender allows you to manage data usage per user or device. For instance, a crew member could be allocated 20gb of internet weekly, with adjustable time frames and data limits.

  • How does MDS Blender Improve my Network?
    The MDS Blender enhances your network with comprehensive remote access, an iPhone App, high-speed bonding, seamless failover, and more, proving indispensable for high-speed yacht internet.

  • How can I monitor my vessel's network status?
    The MDS Blender features iPhone and Android apps allowing multiple users read-only access to the vessel's network from anywhere. The app displays current system status, including internet input status, downtime, network usage, LEO Sat blockages, active devices, and application-specific upload and download metrics. It also allows you to set data caps per device or user.

For more information on how the MDS Blender can transform your marine networking experience, Click Here to request more details. Discover why Concord Marine Electronics is the trusted choice for Yacht Network Management Systems and MDS Blender Installation Services, offering unparalleled expertise and solutions in the marine electronics domain.

The MDS Blender for LEO Sat
The Blender for Starlink

The MDS Blender app is available on the Apple App Store, and the Google Play App Store. Search for MDS Blender, click the links below:

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Michael and Captain Doug Talk about the MDS Blender

Today, we're discussing the MDS Bender. This is quite significant news, folks. Let me explain what the MDS Blender is. Marine Data Solutions has introduced the MDS Blender. It combines up to four separate internet inputs, such as two LEO Sat connections and two 5G inputs, to create a seamless internet experience. These four sources are blended together using bonding, resulting in increased speed.
Wait a moment.
So, if you have LEO Sat and encounter issues like dropped connections, you run these connections through the system you've developed, alongside Marine Data, and the movie streaming remains uninterrupted? That's correct. Movies keep playing.
I just talked about how Mr. Cinema will permit First Run movies on Mega Yachts that are chartered.
That's fantastic. With your equipment, movies won't pause? Exactly, they won't. When you consolidate all these elements in your device, does it enhance the speed? Yes, it does. There's around a 15% speed loss when you combine them, but the advantage is that if one of the four inputs encounters an issue and stops transmitting data, the other three will continue, ensuring continuous internet access for your devices.
Consider a scenario where I'm on Marine data while crossing the Bahamas, and I lose signal. LEO Sat takes over. Your equipment does this instantaneously, so I won't even notice? Exactly, you won't even realize it. Even if LEO Sat experiences slowdowns, Marine data takes over? Yes, the SIM cards then activate to provide internet. If for some reason LEO Sat fails.
This is groundbreaking technology. I understand that marine electronics progress rapidly, but I didn't anticipate this development. This is a no-brainer. We invest millions to ensure phone connectivity on yachts in the ocean, yet this addresses all these issues. I'm not just hyping this up; it's genuinely significant. It's quite impressive, and your company offers this solution? Absolutely, we have them in stock and ready to go. Most boats are already equipped with 5G and have LEO Sat, so we simply integrate them for an improved experience.
I visited the booth and picked up some of these wallets. It's not money, what is it? Actually, those are SIM cards. You call us to activate them. I want your attention on this, as SIM cards frequently require adjustments. When you partner with Marine Data, you receive this wallet, containing SIM cards for various locations. When I'm in a specific area, I call you and provide the number, and you activate it. Yes. Technically speaking, this development is groundbreaking. It resolves connectivity issues with LEO Sat and the internet. We all know that if the crew lacks internet access, they become quite frustrated. So, thank you for addressing this. No problem, you're welcome.
Thanks for your time, and it's been informative.

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