Today’s super yachts are extremely dependent on well-designed networks and infrastructure. A well-engineered project can save tons of money, time and headaches. Having the proper yacht technology plan in place is of the utmost importance before installing equipment.

Professional Refits

At Concord Marine Electronics, it is our focus to develop the most comprehensive plan to make your yacht refit project, top of the line. Our certified AutoCAD system designers have the ability to provide accurate and comprehensive system designs that ensure installation, and integration processes are finalized on time and on budget. We offer several levels of detailed documentation and customize each systems package to meet your budget and needs.


Once the proposal is accepted, we will draft drawings of the new systems, locations and designs of the refit. Once the drawings and hardware are approved, installation can begin. The organization, documentation, packing and shipping of your projects equipment are managed by our team in concert with the yard and/or your project team, and we ensure that all equipment in the approved design is documented properly in order to clear customs and arrive at the yard in an organized and safe fashion. Installation is performed by our factory trained technicians and engineers, or we can assist shipyard personnel with the installation.

Once installation is complete, our team will then go over all installed equipment with a fine tooth comb, to make sure your installation was done according to our design and is functioning properly. We will do a complete orientation with your crew to ensure that everyone is familiar with the new systems.


Our program works in the following way

We accomplish these goals by following our step-by-step protocols, to make sure your refit is accomplished on time and on budget.


We first meet with the decision makers to determine the project specs, budget, and time line. Once we have all of the project’s critical details, we can move forward with the proposal process.


Next  we do a “Site Survey” of your existing systems, available space, potential upgrades or replacements and relevancy to your travel plans.


Then we research what the technology trends are, and the best available equipment for your yacht and project parameters.


Last we make recommendations and build a proposal that fits your budget and requirements.

Trust Concord Marine Electronics factory trained, factory certified, design staff and technicians to handle all of you Yachting Electronics. Thousands of Projects completed On Time, and On Budget since 1988.

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