Lauderdale Marine Center

Concord Marine is a Preferred Vendor at LMC

Concord Marine Electronics is a Preferred Vendor at Lauderdale Marine Center. This status gives you, the client peace of mind working with Concord Marine at LMC.

Why Choose Us?

The complete solution for your marine electronics needs! Carrying the top brands, reliable, certified and knowledgeable Technicians plus a solid support team for all types of vessels.

When it comes to choosing a reputable company to install your vessel’s vital electronics, why should you trust just anyone? Concord Marine Electronics has completed over 100 ship yard installs around the globe, and thousands of local projects!

We have over 28 years of experience in the Marine Electronics Industry and offer factory trained, factory certified technicians on staff.

Why Choose Concord Marine Electronics For Your Refit?

construction We know you have several companies you can choose from to upgrade your vessel’s vital systems. We care about your refit, as if it was our own yacht. We understand how important it is to offer the best service and the highest quality on the timetable given.

Concord Marine Electronics has completed over 100 ship yard install around the globe and over 1000 locally. It is our goal to not only meet our customers’ expectations, but we plan to exceed it. When your yacht is ready to hit the sea, we make sure you are happy and satisfied with your new electronics systems. We have over 28 years of experience in the marine electronics industry, and that is why we are confident you will be happy with your choice.

With Concord Marine Electronics, You Will:

  • Save significant installation time on arrival in USA, before customer takes delivery.
  • Save significant expense as cables are installed during build process.
  • Have less chance of damage in the USA.
  • Have equipment warranties start at vessel commission date in the USA.
  • Receive warranty representation and responsibility covered by Concord.

At Concord Marine Electronics:

  • We DON’T view your business as a “one shot deal”. We DO value your business and making you a happy “Customer for Life” has been our core philosophy since 1988.
  • We DON’T lure you in with a low price, and then hit you with Change Orders and hidden costs once we get into your project. We DO spend the hours researching and designing every project to make sure we get your proposal priced right, up front and with no surprises.
  • We DON’T buy our equipment through “indirect” channels. We DO buy direct from all of the leading electronics manufacturers. This direct relationship works in your favor for pricing and any equipment warranty issues.
  • We DON’T use installation subcontractors. We DO have a team of fully insured technicians that are full time employees who are factory trained and certified with FCC and NMEA certifications and endorsements. Each with an average tenure of 8 years with Concord Marine Electronics.
  • We DON’T operate out of our garage. We DO have a showroom on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale where our Sales, Engineering, Warehouse and Technical shop has been at your service, since 1995.
  • We DON’T use personal vehicles for business. We DO have a fleet of company owned; commercially insured vehicles stocked with install, testing and repair gear, to ensure you receive a timely and efficient installation or repair.
  • We DON’T play games with insurance. We DO take it seriously that is why every one of our staff is fully insured with USL&H, workers compensation, and ample legal liability and completed operations coverage.
  • We DON’T play games with your money. We DO pay our equipment manufacturers and staff on time. We pride ourselves on planning for the future with strong liquidity and excellent D & B rating. This allows us to purchase at the best pricing, a savings we can pass on to you.
  • We DON’T make your yacht a platform for research and development. We DO recommend products based on merit, reliability and the quality of manufacturer support.
  • We DON’T disrespect your property. We DO take the time to safe guard your yacht. We pride ourselves on proper yachting etiquette, the shoes come off and we take the time to put protective pads in place to make certain that damage and wear don’t occur during the installation process.

Offering High-Quality Workmanship!

Watch a demo of the workmanship Concord offers its' clients.

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Certified To Exceed Expectations!

Concord Marine Electronics is fully insured!

We carry full worker’s compensation insurance including USL & H act coverage and offer up to $2,000,000 USD in general liability and MOLL insurance, to make sure everything is covered during your installation.

Ready to Modernize your vessel to the latest marine tech?

Concord Marine Electronics has the most experienced installers who are well-qualified and up to handle any task.