Watch to see a demo of a high-level yacht security system

"We have a high-level yacht securities offering here at Concord and when you are ready to upgrade your boat's security or you are ready to put it as build into your new boat, give us a call and we will show you what's available." - Michael Robilio (President)

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Concord Marine Electronics specialize in FLIR’s high-quality camera systems which offer the best available monitoring and surveillance on your yacht.

  • Mobile Device Access

    Concord Marine’s Monitoring and Security systems allow you to access your yacht by mobile device from anywhere in the world. Dial in and view systems status in real time, or view onboard cameras in real time or view past events.

    Monitoring and Security systems will send email alerts for intrusion, vessel movement, and critical issues like high water or no shore power. It is now more important than ever before to have security on your vessel, and Concord’s security systems are the most reliable on the market.

    One of the products we offer is FLIR’s high quality camera systems. Using thermal energy and joystick controlled cameras, we are able to see important aspects aboard the ship and out at sea.

Work with us today for all your marine electronics installation needs for high-level yacht security systems.

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