Prepaid Annually$300 Per Month UNLIMITED / UNTHROTTLED / MULTI-USER / CONTINENTAL USA4G LTE INTERNET CONNECTIVITY Works With Your Existing 4G Hardware / Speeds Up To 85 MBPS

Bahamas Internet

Click for Bahamas Internet- Marine Data Solutions is proud to introduce the best Marine High Speed 4G LTE Mobile Internet in the Bahamas, exclusively for yacht internet! No more sending the tender out to stores inland to purchase SIM cards or deal with frequent top off procedures for current limited data options. SIM cards and equipment available for pick up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Convenient SIM card options with no contract commitments & easy billing. Professional installation & activation services available. Concord Marine is the exclusive dealer and installation partner for this new service. Call us today at +1 (954) 779 1100 to find out more about the best Marine Mobile Bahamas Internet . Click for Bahamas Internet Coverage Map

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The Details

  • Service works in Continental USA only
  • Unlimited, Unthrottled, Multiuser service is a Hardware and Airtime combination
  • Hardware cost is $1350
  • Airtime is 2 year contract
  • Airtime cost is $300 per month
  • Airtime is billed prepaid 1 year at a time
  • External antennas are required.
  • Some additional network hardware may be required for installation.

Marine Data Solutions

Unleash the potential of your motor yacht's Wireless Internet and enjoy exceptional 4G LTE wireless speeds with up to 85 mbps.

Speak with a Concord Representative today at (954) 779-1100 to place your order.