Watch how Concord integrates a complete Communications System

"There's a lot of pieces that come to together that form a communications system for your yacht... we've got a communications system that allows the owner to spend more time on the boat...and be able to do business everyday." - Michael Robilio (President)

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See the benefits of owning a MDS 101 Wireless Router for your yacht!

Concord Marine Electronics is the exclusive installer of this powerful wireless mobile technology that offers Unlimited, Unthrottled, MultiUser capabilities for your motor yacht. Call us today at 1-954-779-1100 to see how you can own one too! Click here to learn more.

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Concord Marine Electronics knows the ins and outs of communication gear integration for satellite, VHF, and Cellular feeds anywhere aboard your yacht.

  • Concord Marine offers the latest in Onboard Communications.

    Whether new construction, refit or updating your communications systems, Concord Marine Electronics has all the answers to your questions and the experience for a first class installation.
  • Gone are the days of being disconnected from work or loved ones...

    With systems like KVH TracVision, we are able to provide you with quality internet connections and satellite phone service on a simple monthly rate. Stay connected with the ones you love, take care of the pressing e-mails and reserve your place on shore before you arrive.
  • AutoCad improves the process...

    Using AutoCad and all the advanced computer methods at their disposal Concord Marine Electronics will produce a successful Onboard Communications System for you.

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