New Yacht Build Design & Engineering

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Concord Marine Electronics designs and engineers marine electronics with A/V, WiFi internet, communications, integrated navigation and security world wide. Contact Us for more New Build info.

Hargrave 116 "Romeo Foxtrot".
All electronic systems designed, completed, and delivered by Concord Marine Electronics.


The Concord Marine Electronics AutoCAD process provides accurate and comprehensive system designs that ensure installation and integration processes are finalized on time and on budget. We offer several levels of detailed documentation to meet your budget and needs.

We will begin the process of your new yacht installation by researching technology trends and the best equipment for your yacht. We work with the shipyard to determine what can be installed, what will be required for installation and what your exact costs will be. We will then complete a proposal and setup a timeline for installation.


Once the proposal has been accepted, we will implement the protocols and begin your installation.

The organization, documentation, packing and shipping of your projects equipment are managed by Concord Marine Electronics in concert with the yard and/or your project team and we ensure that all equipment in the approved design is documented properly in order to clear customs and arrive at the yard in an organized and safe fashion.

Not only do we collaborate with the yacht builder’s personnel to resolve any issues that may arise, but our engineering and technical teams are here for you via phone, email or in person to insure a flawless build process.


From start to finish, our proven process ensures that new build projects are completed on time, and on budget. Watch to see how Concord Marine Electronics tackles a New Build. We are immersed in the details of your new yacht from its inception, to the successful sea trails, user lessons, and delivery to owners. We want this to be a smooth delivery process for the owner and crew, and we make sure the planning is perfect to ensure a smooth process.


Once shipyard installation is complete, the Concord team will then go over all installed system with a fine tooth comb, to make sure your installation was done according to our drawings and is functioning properly. Concord will activate all equipment and do a complete orientation with your crew to ensure that everyone is familiar with the new systems.

  • First Concord collaborates with your yacht builder, project manager, interior designer, captain and all owners to select equipment that will meet the needs and budget of the new yacht.
  • Second, the Concord engineering team details out the systems with a series of AutoCAD drawings. All cables and splice points are clearly numbered, labeled and accompanied with cable spreadsheet. All equipment locations and cable runs are specified and documented, making your shipyard installation simple and easy.
  • Third, before Concord ships your equipment, our technical team will assemble A/V equipment component racks and custom distribution boards as well as measure, cut, splice, extend and label all wires.

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